Friday, January 17, 2014

Cool Things My Friends Do - Laurie Loew of Give Realty Reaches $300,000 Milestone!!!

Each Friday on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their personal and professional lives.

I saw the news on Facebook -  My friend Laurie Loew of Give Realty, Inc. has now crossed the $300,000 level in donations to local charities through her unique way of combining her business to philanthropy.  WOW.

Laurie is the founder of Give Realty, a boutique Real Estate company in Austin, Texas.  She and her team believe in giving back to the community - and they do it with every sale.  They donate 25 % of their commissions to a 501(c)3 nonprofit of the buyer’s or seller’s choice (in their name, not the name of the company!).

Their mission is to make the world a better place by fostering philanthropy through home ownership. At Give Realty they inspire their clients to engage in the nonprofit community and encourage long term involvement. They help clients realize that in achieving their dream, they can help those facing adversity achieve their own.

Supporting the community is important to Laurie. I originally met her when we both served on the board of a local children's charity, Heart House Austin (now The BeHive Austin).  She was a dedicated board member and I was always impress with her ability to follow through on all she said she would do (I have written before about "Follow Through DNA" - Laurie Loew has that trait!!!).

Congratulations to Laurie and the team at Give Realty for making a real impact on our community!!!

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