Thursday, January 02, 2014

Make The NEW YEAR About Other People

The last week of the year usually finds me busy in planning and setting goals, however this year I had a last minute trip with my family to attend a funeral.  Because of the expense and distance of this last minute travel, I decided to check out from my regular routine and create an experience for with my wife and kids.  In addition to the family gathering for the memorial service, we also took the time to explore many cool attractions in my childhood neighborhood of Los Angeles County and visit with friends and extended family.

But now I am home and the new year has arrived (the calendar waits for no man).  This week I will invest time setting up my 2014 targets and then I will begin the blocking and tackling for another great year.

Those I admire who achieve cool milestones do not wait for "luck" to happen, they take action.  2013 was a great year for me personally and professionally, but January 1st resets the clock each year.  My business offerings grew over the past 12 months, and I had the honor speak to over 70 audiences.  However, like many I struggle in creating sustainability in my work.  

The clients I have had the pleasure to serve continue to inspire me to improve my skills and discover new ways to have an impact.  New topics and alternative delivery options have made my speaking career about more than keynotes, breakouts and workshops.  It is an exciting journey to work in the Meetings Industry and be part of the teams that create unique and exciting "conference attendee experiences" and corporate training classes.

Leading by the examples that I teach is paramount to continued success.  My own career has grew last year because of the people in my network.  I continue to find that the majority of my speaking, training and consulting income is generated from the referrals.  Thus it is more important than ever that I live a life of visible gratitude. It would be easy to pretend that my books or my seminars are the root cause of success.... but the reality is others are responsible for the good stuff (It is not about me).

As you launch into 2014 be intently focused on identifying the people who are the catalysts that bring you to success.  Some of them give referrals (and that is GREAT), but others give moral support or inspire you from afar.  Be sure to let everyone who has an impact know that you recognize their contribution.

I have declared 2014 the "Year of the Handwritten Note".  An email or text is easy, but a handwritten note is clearly a sign that you put in the extra effort to make your communication about the other person. While I am a one man band on promoting this rally for notes (feel free to join me), I predict those that embrace this habit of showing their appreciation on paper will find more success. 

Have A Great Year

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