Sunday, February 02, 2014

Preparing for SXSW 2014

Planning on attending SXSW Interactive?  Do not come there are many opportunities awaiting those have a purpose in their investment of time, money and brain cells.  There are many reasons to be in Austin, Texas in March.  Some come to present or to test their entrepreneurial desires, while others simply are present to learn and network at one of the coolest conferences in the world.

No matter why you will be at SXSW you must have a plan to ensure you get the most from the keynotes, educational session, parties, food trucks, and networking opportunities.

I have attended this eclectic event seven times, and each year I have met people who had a lasting impact on my life.  Years ago SXSW was less "corporate" and there were not as many artificial walls.  All people there were willing to talk to anyone:  CEOs and entrepreneurs would mix and mingle with marketing wizards and tech enthusiasts.  These days there is less random connecting.  Part of that is there are more private invite only events, and the introduction of "the smart phone" has left people focused on tech gadgets instead of talking to strangers.  However, there is still that wonderful element of serendipity in the air at SXSW --- and that is special.

Before you come to your first SXSW I suggest you read one or more books in my ABC's series:

Any and all of these short "Airplane Books" (designed to be ready quickly on a flight) will help your get focused on your goals for  SXSW --- or any event!

Have A Great Day

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