Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Buzz is BIG for the National Speakers Association Winter Conference (#NSAUN)

If you are a Professional Speaker who is attending the National Speakers Association "Winter Conference" this week I know that you are excited. This "Un-Conference" has created a buzz in the world of speaking like few other gatherings.

This may just be the industry event that people will talk about for years to come!

Those who are planning to be in Atlanta are already making connections and having conversations (online and offline) with old friends and new colleagues that will undoubtedly lead to amazing networking and the sharing of powerful ideas.

Those who cannot make it to the event are sensing they are about to miss something unique and unforgettable.

The few who have not heard about the "Un-Conference" will look back and wonder how they missed out. This meeting will be unlike most other professional conferences in the way it is structured. The opportunities to learn and network will be uncanny.

Organizers Neen James and Gina Schreck have been unstoppable over the last year in their creative construction of the agenda (including the "Un-Agenda"). It would be impossible for a speaker (new to the career, or industry legend) to walk away from this event feeling uninspired.

It is not too late to attend. In fact, those who embrace spontaneity and decide to go at the last minute will have a understandably serendipitous experience! It would be uncool to want to attend, have the open time in your schedule, and undermine the little voice in your head that says "GO TO ATLANTA!"

Have A Great Day!

thom singer

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Neen said...

Thom you are a legend - NSAUN wouldn't be the same without your incredible commitment and involvement to help make this a rockin' event! You have created a cool UNAgenda session that NSA has never seen - you have been inspirational!