Friday, February 04, 2011

The ABC's of Trade Shows and Conferences - E is for Energy

Attending a multi-day business event can be a lot of work. Many people who do not regularly attend trade shows, conferences, seminars, and conventions often think these are giant parties, but the reality is your participation can be daunting.

It takes energy to be "on" for several days while attending a conference. To maximize the investment of time and money in going to these events you must plan ahead for everything. This includes monitoring your energy levels.

In addition to the busy schedule of the conference, you also must deal with the hassles of air travel, delays, ground transportation, hotels, etc... This can be a recipe for exhaustion.

Some people are at their best in crowded environments and thrive with a jam-packed schedule. But even the most excited and pumped up extroverts needs some rest to be at their peak levels.

Others have their energy sapped in by the being in big groups and having to rush to keep up with the schedule of keynote, breakouts, happy hours, trade shows, etc....

In either case you must plan ahead to make sure that you get enough rest and the correct amount of "down-time" that you need to stay fresh and focused.

I attended a multi-day conference with a colleague and our different styles were evident. I was able to attend all the programs from morning to night and then hit the bar after hours. I needed a "power nap" in the middle of the day, but my own flow worked with well with the face-paced event. She needed more sleep and some time alone to be herself over the three days.

Neither was right or wrong, but it was important that we were both true to our own personality styles. I like meeting new people and my energy goes up in social situations. She also likes to be around people, but found herself tired at the end of each day. To succeed at the conference she had to find her self more quiet time to recharge.

It is important thing is to know yourself and let you co-workers (an others you will be with) know your social plans in advance. Often people do not understand and recognize that we all need to be true to our own needs or we will get wiped out and mentally crash before the conference ends.

If you do not plan for your "energy" you will not be able to get the most out of participating in the event.

Have A Great Day.

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