Monday, February 28, 2011

"We Just Need A Fresh Voice" (For #Sales #Training and Other Stuff)

I received a call from a local small business owner.  His company is continuing to expand and he is committed to personal growth and improvement for himself and his employees.  Each quarter they have a company meeting to plan, motivate and inspire.  They regularly work with consultants, coaches, mentors and trainers on a variety of subjects, and he is considering me for the March gathering. 

He discovered me via a Google Search (which is happening more often), although he said he already reads my blog from time to time.  The company is preparing for a 2nd Quarter "sales blitz" and he wants someone to work with them on focus and momentum.  They had successfully worked for a year with nationally known sales training program, but believes they have heard enough from the one particular consultant.

He said "I feel we just need a fresh voice".

This statement rung in my ears.  I wonder how often people feel this way about all types of products or services.  He is happy with the results of the current vendor, but knows his team will get bored fast if there is not new points of view brought into the conversation.

In today's fast-paced 140-character world, it is becoming very common for people to want to grab the nuggets of information and then scream "next".

This is why I always tell the clients I speak for that I am happy to come back, but equally happy to refer them to other speakers and trainers for their next meeting.  If folks want a "fresh voice", then I want to help them find the right voice that will have meaningful impact on their audiences.

I had a conversation in Starbucks with a former co-worker about mentoring.  He feels stuck, and wishes he could make a change, but is not in a position to begin anew in his career.  We talked about the power of his working with a mentor and he was excited about having "fresh eyes and perspective" on his situation. He knows that what got him to where he is (which is very successful) will not get him any farther.  To keep the fire burning he needs a new fuel.

I believe that a "fresh voice" or "fresh eyes" are often all it takes to get that spark back into life.  I have often been part of mastermind groups or worked with a coach to help me see what is already plain as day from the outside looking inward.  We all get quickly clouded by the familiar.

If your clients want a "fresh voice" or need "fresh eyes".... what are you doing to help them link up with a new perspective? 

Should you be the conduit for them finding a new vendor or should you hang on tight as long as you can? What do you think?

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