Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Ryan Seacrest of Business Events

A friend noticed that I am scheduled to be the Master of Ceremonies at the 2010 Greater Austin Business Awards on Wednesday and the keynote speaker at the Killeen Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner on Thursday of the coming week.

He was thinking of attending both events (as his sales territory covers both Central Texas communities), and called me to laugh that he might get tired of seeing me on the stage two nights in a row. He jokingly called me "The Ryan Seacrest of Business Events" (referring to how Mr. Seacrest hosts both American Idol and E! News... as well as showing up on a variety of other media platforms).

I laughed while I pondered if that was a compliment or not. I will go with "YES"..., it was a compliment!

I am very fortunate to work as a professional speaker, trainer, and Master of Ceremonies at many types of business events. I have been doing this for several years, and take the business of speaking very seriously.

Meeting planners know that selecting the right speaker is key to the success of every event, and the experience of each person in the audience hangs in the balance. I am always aware that my presentation at a conference (or other gathering) will set the tone for the whole event.

These two above mentioned Chamber of Commerce dinners will be my 46th and 47th presentations of 2010. I have had the honor of speaking to groups on college campuses, non-profit associations, major conventions, law firms, real estate organizations, women's groups, Chambers of Commerce, and Fortune 500 companies.

I enjoy speaking and I will take the growth oriented business professionals, progressive law firms (banks and accounting firms, too) and the entrepreneurs who are changing the future of the world over the Hollywood actors and pop-stars any day of the week!!! Sure, ol' Ryan Seacrest gets paid a lot more money than I do,.... but I am taller than he is!!!

Have A Great Day.


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