Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Put Yourself In A "Time-Out"

Three weeks ago I wrote about feeling overwhelmed with all the little things I need to keep up with in my business and life (here). This post caused a friend to call and share his entrepreneurial frustrations and feelings he is coming up short with in his own success efforts (here).

Both of these posts spurred several people to say "Amen" and "I feel the same way". There seems to be an epidemic of people who feel like they are a hamster on a wheel. They run hard but do not know if they are getting anywhere.

I see it all the time when I coach and mentor lawyers and other business professionals on their business development plans. People feel overwhelmed with choices.

I regrouped with my business owner friend (from the second post) yesterday and he was feeling better. I was too. Our cases of "entrepreneur related stress syndrome" were in remission. We laughed about the ebbs and flows of emotions that come with being a human being, no matter what issues you face. I concluded it would be boring to not "feel". Emotions are a gift that should be enjoyed. However, we both agreed that when you feel like crap, it is not as good as when you feel spectacular!

One reason we both were in a better state of mind was sales. He commented that nothing can make a business owner feel good faster than new and happy clients. There is truth in that, as I had recently signed a multi-conference speaking contract for four meetings in 2011 with one company. The morning we met my friend's largest customer (he is in a different industry than I am) had just renewed their contract for two more years.

The lesson we both tried to learn from our ups and downs is that when you are having a bad day, it is just that.... a bad day. It is a little harder when you couple a bad day at work with other pressures around money, family, etc... but even then the bad feelings will pass. Just three weeks later you can be re-motivated, inspired, and taking on the world with gusto.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, take a "Time-Out". Breathe. Get some perspective. Talk to a trusted friend. Read a book. Once you realize that you are doing the right things, moving forward toward your success goals, and living your dream...., you will begin to get a firm grip on life again.

Have A Great Day.


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