Saturday, August 14, 2010

Try It, You Might LIke It!

Scott Ginsberg (The Nametag Guy) has a new post on being "prolific" on his Hello My Name Is Blog blog. The title is "How To Be More Prolific Than Van Gogh on Viagra" (Imagine the amount of Google Traffic he gets from people searching "viagra"!) and it does a great job of encouraging people to take action. It is a long piece, but you will be a better person if you read this post and digest the words.

(Granted, thousands of people will read the first sentence above....., but most will not click through to see what Scott wrote - I suggest you do, as it is an article that can be a "brain hammer").

The part that stood out to me was when he said:

"You don’t have to like something to learn from it"

That is so true. He was talking about "extending literary latitude" and how he reads five books a week. Feeding your brain with information will make expand how you see the world, and give you perspective. He admits he does not like every book he opens, but others "rock his face off" (in a good way!). The reality that he will not "like" all the books, it does NOT stop him from reading.

But prejudging books, conferences, movies, restaurants, networking groups, companies, vacation spots, people, etc... hinders millions of people from having important experiences.

My youngest daughter tries sample of a new flavor every time she enters an ice cream shop. She never prejudges what a flavor will taste like until she tries it. Sometimes she enjoys the new taste and orders a cone. Other times she does not and goes with an old favorite (Cookies and Cream). But she never prejudges.....WOW, how great to live a life that way.

Are you sitting on your butt not doing something because you may not like it? Get over yourself and go do something.

Have A Great Day.



Jay Ehret said...

Agree totally, Thom. While I'm not capable of reading 5 books a week, it is important to keep your mind active with new information and new experiences. Reading books outside your industry is one way. New perspective is also key to staying fresh. I personally have a goal every year to do something I've never done before and go somewhere I've never been before.

MiGrant said...

Brain Hammer, wasn't that Spinal Tap's third album?