Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have A Great Day

I got an interesting comment on my blog post this week with the clip from my TV appearance on Monday morning on Boston's Fox Channel 25. The comment came from a blog reader named Scott McArthur.

His words began with a complement on the video, but he closed his remarks with:

"Why though do you end all your posts with "Have a Great Day" - possibly a cultural thing but it feels contrived to me (sorry)."

He was not being malicious, just asking a question..... So here is the answer.....

When I was a senior in high school I was one of the anchors on the closed circuit television newscast, The Apache News (oh yes, we were the Fighting Apaches!). The broadcast aired every Tuesday and Thursday during 2nd period, and we ended the show with those words, "Have A Great Day".

I always liked that. We had nearly 3000 kids in the school and I did hope folks had a great day. Granted, we were in high school, so few of the student body probably did have great days on a regular basis, but I did sincerely make that wish for them.

I have closed my blog posts on "The Some Assembly Required Blog" with that ending almost since the beginning (now counting down on five years). I started blogging in March 2005 and the first post that used "Have A Great Day" was on May 13, 2005. It has been on most posts ever since.

I have had lots of positive comments on the "HAGD" thing, but this was the first to say it was cultural or contrived.

It is neither cultural or contrived, it is just me. I honestly hope people can find ways to improve their world. Having a "great day" is often a choice in the attitude we take toward the twists and turns that come along the path. While there is a lot of crap that happens that is out of our control, often it is just the small things that piss people off. Being grumpy all the time is no way to go through life, and I want to be a small piece of positivity that helps folks smile when they can.

Have A Great Day.



Don McCallen said...

I'm opening a new business and was looking for a "goodbye" that was a little more inspiring and real than the old "Have a Good Day" which always seems as phony as a big old yellow smiley face.

I was thinking along the lines that you have suggested for "Have a great day!", but I've always believed that there were two kinds of people: people who lived life, and those to whom live just happened, and I think that the former is the proactive way to go, so I landed on:

"Make it a great day!"

That's gonna work for me!

Patti DeNucci said...

Whatever you say as a friend, colleague, or customer is heading out the door, say SOMETHING and make sure you say it with warmth, sincerity, and enthusiasm.

Last spring I walked out the door of a high end retail establishment and heard absolutely nothing from the employees. Not a peep. That actually felt realy bad to me. Like I meant nothing to them.

That void was far worse than even the most routine "Have a nice day."

I have never returned to that business and now I've heard they are closing. What a shock.

Brigitte said...

Thom, it is a joy to see that the environment you are creating is safe enough that people can ask you this type of question (like: "why are you saying this? this makes me feel bad!"), and you simply respond. I love it when people are able to discuss genuinely about how they feel without attacking; this makes for richer conversations. Thanks for creating such environment!

Tim Homan said...

Keep up he sincerity. I have used the same greeting, my whole life, after hearing those words from a high school news caster.

Have a great day!