Monday, January 18, 2010

Fox News Boston - Channel 25

While in Boston this week I was interviewed by Kim Carrigan on Fox News Boston's (Channel 25) Morning Show about networking, job search, and building a personal brand to help with career success.

Have A Great Day.



Tim Homan said...

Well done. This clip is my favorite of yours, so far. A good interviewer seems to make a difference!

Scott McArthur said...

Excellent and also informative.

Why though do you end all your posts with "Have a Great Day" - possibly a cultural thing but it feels contrived to me (sorry).

Thom Singer said...


When I was in high school I was one of the anchors on the closed circuit TV channel. We ended the bi-weekly broadcast, which ran in 2nd period, with "Have A Great Day". I always liked that, as I really do want people to have a great day. I have done that on this blog for five years, and while I have had lots of positive comments on the "HAGD" thing, you are the first to say it is contrived. It is neither cultural or contrived, it is just me.

Have A Great Day.