Saturday, January 02, 2010

22 Random Suggestions For A Better Life

22 Random Suggestions For A Better Life in 2010

1. Do something BIGGER than you have done it before. Go big and whatever you do in a spectacular fashion. Make a mark on the world. Do not be timid.

2. Break ties with people who are holding you back or not supportive of your goals. You are influenced by those around you and your success is linked to the character of the people with whom you associate.

3. My brother Bob says his motto for 2010 is "Have Fun!"--- wow, simple but powerful. Embrace the idea of "have fun" everyday and allow it to guide your decisions!

4. Read more books. Read something educational daily (even just 20-30 minutes a day will get you through over 12 books) and you will expand your view of the world.

5. Bring the joy of the holiday season with you all year round. We spend so much time smiling and wishing others well during December.... do that all year long.

6. Remember we are all "works in progress". Take a second look at some people you discredited in the past and give them a second chance. Too often we judge the people in our life based on observations that are no longer relevant.

7. Monitor if you are a person who supports others ideas, goals, hopes and dreams... or if you are the type of person who is quick to criticize. Don't fool yourself about the answer. Many critical people lie to themselves while knocking others off their path. Be one who encourages others and you will see people do the same for you.

8. Reach out to a long lost friend and say Hello. You will touch their heart to know that you really care about them.

9. Let your friends know that you're always available if they need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to lean on. Then the hard part.... NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU ARE... actually be there for them when they need you.

10. Embrace a new technology. Don't hide from the new new things.

11. Take more naps.

12. Eat at restaurants you have never been to before... And try new a variety of ethnic foods!

13. Know in advance who are the ten people you would most like to meet and spend time with in your extended community. Also know know what you would ask of them when given the chance to have a conversation.

14. Make people feel smart, they will remember you for it. Too often people try to make themselves look smart, and thus they bore the people around them. Take an interest in others unique knowledge of the world and you will find them liking you more.

15. Send a minimum of two hand written notes a week to honor others or to say "thank you" to those who impact your world. The small investment of time to write these notes equals 104 positive touches you will make on people. Who is to say one of them will not be so impressed by your gesture that they will send you an opportunity?

16. Do not step over $100 bills as you pick up pennies! Too many people nit pick the small stuff that they miss the real opportunities.

17. Find a way to help another person achieve their life's goal or dream (just because you can). It will make you feel amazing inside just knowing you have the power to impact someone in that way.

18. Love.

19. Forgive others who have annoyed you and look for fresh ways to create work on a project with them. Accept the the faults of others.... as we all have faults and our success depends on other people forgiving us for ours.

20. Praise others more often and openly for their successes. Look around and say "wow" to the people you see doing really great things in this world.

21. Entertain more often. Inviting people into your home creates a stronger bond. You need not be the worlds greatest cook to have a wonderful gathering of enlightened souls in your home.

22. Drink better wine.

Have A Great Day.



Brady said...

Great Tips for the New Year! Thanks for the inspiration!

Julie CS said...

Great tips for 2010, Tom! Your suggestions for recognizing others are a mantra for life.