Monday, August 07, 2006


"Failure means nothing at all if success comes eventually" -- Frank Bettger

To get what you want means you have to try. To try means you risk failing. But if you keep trying and do not become discouraged, you have a much better chance of achieving great success than if you sit on your butt and wait for success to ring the doorbell.

To win the game you have to play.

Many "over-night" success stories are backed up by years and years of attempts. Stephen King's first best-selling novel, Carrie, was rejected by most of the top publishing houses. Thomas Edison tried over 10,000 ways to invent the lightbulb. The best hitters in baseball strike out more often than they hit homeruns.

But for all those who succeed there are countless more who give up before they reach their goals.

A friend of mine recently discontinued his blogging efforts after a year. He wrote some good things, but decided that after all the effort he had not achieved the level of notoriety that he desired. What he failed to realize is that by stopping his blog, he is not moving closer to his goal, he is abandoning the goal on the side of the road.

Because something takes time, does not mean that it is not achievable. He only had about 100 regular readers of his blog. He wanted thousands. He wants to be Seth Godin or Guy Kawasaki. But Seth and Guy did not just "appear" on the scene. They have years of building the foundations of their international reputations through a variety of venues (these are not just guys who blogged their way to the top). They win because they did not quit.

You have to have big goals, but you also have to be realistic in how you plan execute on those goals. Additionally, if one path does not get you there, do not necessarily abolish the goal, look for a new route.

The message I am trying to get across in this post is DO NOT GIVE UP. Keep looking for ways to win. Fight. Try. Try again. Once you succeed nobody will remember the struggles you had along the way. They will only see your victory.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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