Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Human Element

The Dow Chemical Company is currently running a national television ad campaign that talks about the missing link in the Periodic Table of Elements: Hu. The Human Element.

The commercial honors nature for all its wonder, but also points out that when you ad the creativity of people, even more amazing results are possible.

The same is true with our marketing, business development, sales, public relations and networking efforts. Having a high quality product or service is important. Your firm's good reputation will spur some success to happen. But when you add the Human Element to the equation, the sky is the limit. It is your interactions with others that will make the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

You cannot build your company in a vacuum. You must have a strong network of co-workers, clients, prospects, vendors, friends and others who will talk about you. You need to create buzz. If you are "the best kept secret" in you industry, then your competition is making all the money.

Yes, buzz cannot just happen without other people.

1. You need a plan on how to approach key people in your network.

2. You must to take action to reach out to these individuals.

3. Your tenacity will make the difference. You will not unseat your competition's relationships overnight (if ever). Be patient.

Too many professional think that attending a few networking events or having lunch with a few key players will cause the business community to notice them. These actions are just the entry have to have a long term view and plan that is coupled with action.

Remember the cliche: "Winners never quit....Quitters never win".

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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