Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Venture Capitalist Invest In Blogoshere

Earlier this week The Deal had a story about VC's investing in blogs (nope, sorry....not this one!). I find it interesting. While there are millions of blogs, there are a few giants who are now going to monitize their blogging to new levels:

"Venture investors normally cite the strength of a company's management team as a key reason for investing in new technologies and ideas. But two new venture investments in widely read Web logs, or blogs, have taken this concept to a new level: investing directly in people for the content they produce". To read the whole story (click here).

Left wing pundant Arianna Huffington has one of the most widely read blogs on the internet, The Huffington Post. This is becoming more than the ranting of the one time right-wing, now leftist celebrity's is being viewed as a full fledged media company. With so many readers, Huffington has the legitimacy to become the Martha Stewart of liberal politics. Ahhhh, the world is changing and it is changing fast!

Blogs continue to grow and take on more significance. I can only dream of having the mass readership of the true titans of blogging. With venture capital rolling in to the blogosphere, you can bet that blogs will continue to dominate, and those lucky one's like Ms. Huffington will cash into to public markets in no time.

So please, dear reader, tell 45 million of you closest friends to read my blog today. Thanks.

Have A Great Day (although it probably wont be as great of a day as Arianna Huffington is having!)

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