Thursday, June 01, 2006

Which Firm Do You Work For?

Which company would you like to work for?

Company A

Our mission is to allow each of our senior partners to treat the rest of the staff like crap. If someone complains we will give lip-service toward creating a better work environment, but the reality is we will never really take any action, especially if the partner in question has a large book of business.

Additionally we will encourage competition amongst those who work for our firm. We will champion anyone who can succeed within the culture of the firm and ridicule or push out those who have unique, creative and visionary ideas. Our motto is "we do not do it that way at this firm".

We will hold seminars and create brochures touting diversity, while in reality it will be the good old boys who will prevail. We will break no laws in this area, but everyone in the firm will know how the system really works. If they choose to raise concerns we will label them as difficult and hope to God they move on to another firm.

Seniority and past performance for the firm will be allowed to cover current mediocre performance. Younger and harder working employees will know that to gain seniority means you no longer have to work as hard, but you can still pull down a huge salary. Nobody in the firm would dare to rock the boat and hold dead-weight partners accountable.

Company B

Our mission is to create a dynamic team atmosphere where our partners, associates and staff members look forward to coming to work. It is the goal of the firm to provide above average financial compensation to everyone who works here.

Team members will treat each other with professional respect an courtesy. Those who are do not behave in a professional manner will be asked to leave the firm, regardless of their financial contribution. Jerks are not tolerated in this environment.

Fresh ideas are always welcomed by senior management, regardless of who originates the ideas. Anyone who can provide new ways for the firm to achieve its financial goals will be rewarded both with cash and publicly praised. Hard work and results are what is expected from everyone on the team. All staff members are judged by their actions, not their words. Less than a full commitment to success for everyone will not be tolerated.

Which one do you work for in real life?

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer


Chicago Law Guy said...

Hmmmm....if you work for a law firm it is probably "A"

Anonymous said...

I work for myself! Ha! But yeah, A sounds a lot like crap. Office Space type of environment.

"Whaaat's happening... Did you hear about the new cover sheets for the TPS reports? It's just that we're putting these new cover sheets on all of our TPS reports now before they go out. Did you get that memo?"