Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Seize The Power

"The beauty of being an adult is that you have permission to turn an idea into reality. Children have the courage to turn ideas into reality, but not the power. Adults have the power, but not always the courage" - From the book: 365 Marketing Meditations by Richard S. Levick and Larry Smith.

Most people have ideas, more ideas than they could count. However, sadly, they rarely act upon those ideas and spend much of their life looking back and wondering what could have been different.

I had lunch yesterday with business friend that I have known for many years. Steve has been a successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, real estate investor and all around achiever. He has the courage to take action and change the world. What I admire most about him is that he not only goes out into the world and creates positive change,....he looks for ways to help others. Three times during lunch he asked me "how can I help you?". And he meant it. I doubt that Steve spends much time looking backwards.

I sometimes feel that I am at a cross-roads, looking for courage. I have an ideal new job (which I enjoy and is very challenging), my book continues to sell (it is now available at, my family is happy, and I have amazing friends.....yet I have a burning desire for more. I don't want to turn fifty and look back at this decade (I just turned 40) and wish I had left opportunities behind.

When I look at successful people (like my friend, Steve) it is focus and the courage to take action that are common traits. I try daily to have more courage and focus, but often fall short of my own expectations. It is usually my network of contacts that helps me fill that gap. It is the people who say "how can I help you succeed" that take us past the areas where we fall short. I am still amazed at how those who are the most accomplished (and the busiest) are the most willing to help others reach their goals.

Be Brave. Have Courage. Achieve. And Help Others Do The Same!!!

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer


Anonymous said...

I found your blog because you are a finalist on the Marketing Sherpa Blog Awards. See the article at this site:

I spent over an hour reading your old posts. I like what you have to say and this is a blog I will now come back to often.

Buzzoodle Ron said...

First, Congratulations on your nomination for MarketingSherpa Reader's Choice Blog & Podcasting Awards 2006.

2nd, in relation to this post, I empowered my 8 year old to start her own business and it is a lot of fun. Empowered kids are wonderful to watch. Her business is


Barbara Walters Price said...


Great minds think alike. I was planning to blog about that quote yesterday but ran out of time.

Keep up the great work. I really enjoy your blog! And, I loved the ABC's of networking. You have your next book now.

-- Barbara