Thursday, June 22, 2006

Planned Conflict With The Status Quo

I have been actively searching for a coach or a mentor who can help me take my career to the next level.

This is difficult because coaches want a substantial sum of money (which I think the good ones deserve, but I am not yet ready to pay). I have several people who have been wonderful mentors, but I at this stage of my career I need more personal attention than most people would be willing to give (unless I am paying a substantial sum of money.....hmmmm, Catch 22).

Anyway, while talking with a woman on the phone the other day she said that I had to be willing to break out of my current comfort zone to achieve greater successes. This, she said, will get uncomfortable. I must be willing to "plan conflict with my status quo".


That got me thinking. What is it about my current situation that I will need to knock from the secure little box that I live within? Scary stuff to ponder!!!

But I like it.

I am ready to do something, I am just not sure yet what that is. I have not yet found the right answer to who can help guide me to the next level, but I am committed to start moving in that direction.

How about you. Are you ready to plan conflict with your status quo? What do you have to change in your life to grow your network? Raise your company's visibility? Create more buzz? Increase Sales? What do you need to do to shine?

I think there are a lot of people who feel the same way (ready to move ahead, but not sure where to go). They know that they are capable of more success, but are just not sure of the next move. I talk a lot about the importance of taking action, and I do personally take action. But random actions produce random results. And while this does help move me forward, I think that I need to have a more clearly defined plan.

Are you with me? Good. But I am not sure where we are going.

I think that instead of hiring an expensive coach, or waiting for the right mentor to show up, I will create a virtual mastermind group. I am looking for three other people who are looking to achieve more in their career. Three like minded business professionals who want to make a difference in the next six months.

If you are interested, email me at (subject line "MasterMind"). I have no idea who I will select to be part of this experiment, but we will chart our progress and use this blog on the first Friday of the month to report our results over the last half of 2006.

Any takers?

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer


Elaine McIntosh said...

Thom. I like your blog. Discovered it while reviewing blogs for the MarketingSherpa awards. I'll be back.

Susan R. Meyer said...

That's some coach!I intend to borrow - and use often - the phrase.It's one of the best descriptions of intentional change I've seen in a while. We easily forget the basics - like how much energy it takes to get something - or someone - in motion. Her phrase sounds to me like the essence of great coaching.