Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The White Paper That Is Not On White Paper!!!

In the year 2006 everyone actively uses the internet to market. All firms large and small have successful web strategies to promote their business, yes? Busy professionals are versed in blogs, SEO, podcasting, and streaming video, Right? Some would think that knowledge of all the ways to maximize on-line activities is pervasive by now.

One might think so, but it is not true. The use of the internet for marketing is still in its early stages (I know, the dot-com boom seems like a lifetime ago...but it was just yesterday). If you are not 100% sure of every way to promote your practice on the internet, you need to read the informative new white paper (that is in full color...not just on "white paper") recently released by Mark Merenda.

Merenda is the founder of Smart Marketing, a premier national marketing firm that specializes in the legal and financial services industries. The free white paper, Using The Internet To Market Your Law Practice makes the confusing on-line world easier to navigate.

While large firms have whole departments dedicated to assisting professionals, small firms and independents can often feel very alone in these uncharted waters.

His twenty-five page paper is easy to read and covers the topics of websites, search engines, pay per click, blogging, podcasting, e-newsletters and streaming video.

If you feel that you are behind your competition with your on-line marketing strategy, don't just sit there. The longer you wait to understand the internet, the harder it will be to catch up. If your firm is still holding on the the hope that the web is just a is time to log on and smell the coffee.

Mark will happily provide you with a free copy of this wonderful "white paper" if you email him at

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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