Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Are You A Technology Leader?

Every two years the leaders in the world of technology gather to discuss the important issues that cross country boarders and effect the future of everyone on the planet. This year's conference will be held in one of America's premier tech centers: Austin, Texas. (The next one will be in Malaysia, so don't wait for 2008 if you live closer to Texas than Asia). The information, knowledge exchanged and the networking is like nothing else on the planet.

From the WCIT 2006 website:

Are YOU a Leader?

This May, leaders from business, government, and academia will convene at the 15th World Congress on Information Technology to assess the impact of ICT on the global community.

As a catalyst for social and economic development through the exchange of policies, ideas, and technology, WCIT 2006 stands alone as the world's premiere Information Technology (IT) forum.

The biennial conference is expected to draw 2,000 business, government, and academic leaders from 80 countries. This 15th World Congress seeks to explore issues of impact and create actionable policy recommendations to world and technology industry leaders focusing on three issues of Global Impact: privacy and security, healthcare, and global digital access.

Attending a forum of this caliber is more than a perk...It's your job!

And it is about the future. For anyone who is anyone is the world of technology, this conference will bring together leaders, innovation and ideas. When a perfect storm like that comes together, powerful ideas develop. And that leads to the creation of more technology, commerce, capital and careers.

In addition, The city of Austin and Cisco Systems are creating a high-speed wireless network that will deliver free broadband internet access to parts of downtown Austin, East Austin and Zilker Park. This free internet connectivity will allow the delegates to the WCIT to have online access throughout their stay at the conference, and the network will remain active after the May gathering, leaving Austin, Texas with the best high-speed free internet access in the world.

Pass along the link to this conference to any tech leader you know: www.wcit2006.com.

Have A Great Day.

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