Friday, March 10, 2006

Open Question Friday #9

If it is Friday, it must be time to answer a question.

Today's question comes from Merle:

"I am in marketing/business development for a small law firm. They will not give me business cards because I am considered "staff". What should I do?"

I cannot believe that in 2006 law firms still exist that think that staff should not have business cards. Everyone who works for the firm should be issued business cards. ESPECIALLY the marketing department. (The receptionist and the people in the mail room, too!!!). By not providing business cards the lawyers are sending a message that says; "we are superior and the only ones who matter".

What do they think these card-less staff says when asked for a card by people they meet? They say; "I am just staff and the firm does not give cards to staff". This is heard by the outside world as; "I work for pompous jerks".

Any lawyer who reads this blog whose marketeers, secretaries, recruiters, IT staff, etc... do not have business cards....RUN, do not walk to the printer and remedy this situation. If you think it costs too much money, you are nuts. Every person on your staff should be seen as part of your marketing team. If they do not have a card, they cannot promote your firm. 250 cards cost around ten or fifteen dollars.

If for no other reason, it will make your team feel good. Professional business people are issued business cards. Treat your staff like professionals and you will get professional results. To NOT give cards says "YOU ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL". Lawyers cannot succeed without staff, so why would you treat them poorly?

Can you tell this question has me upset? It does. It is an attitude like this that is the reason firms fail to succeed in their business development and marketing endeavors.

My guess is that firms with attitudes like this will wallow in mediocrity for a long long time.....never understanding why they cannot do better.

I challenge every lawyer (or any professional) who does not issue business cards to staff to either change that policy today or to post a response here explaining why you will not alter your opinion.

My suggestion is to do what the best people always do....go find a new job where they appreciate you!!!

Have A Nice Day.

Thom Singer

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Glenn said...


Let me step up beside Thom. My blood pressure is spiking right now over the stupidity of any firm that can't spend $10 on a box of business cards.

If this is an example of their mindset they will always be a small law firm, both in number of attorneys and in mental acuity. I'd start looking elsewhere for a firm that has a bigger appreciation for its employees and the role of marketing.(They probably charge their employees for legal advice.)