Saturday, October 01, 2005

Weekend Blog 15 - I Love New York

The "Weekend Blog" is away from the topics of networking, sales, PR, marketing and business development. This is my chance to talk about anything under the sun (or rain clouds, as the case might be).

I Love New York

I was in New York City for two days this week. I love NYC. There is something about it, when you drive over a bridge or emerge from a tunnel and you know that you are on Manhattan can feel it in your bones that you are in one of the greatest cities in the world.

I flew in to Newark, New Jersey and had dinner with my brother, Bill and his family. Bill is one of the giants in the business of saxophone repair (yes, every business has giants). He was working on the saxophone of a lawyer I know, who is also a musician. See, that is networking. I meet a lawyer from New York City who mentions he is an accomplished saxophone player, and I tell him about my brother's business. A month later my brother has a new client.

But I digress. While in New York, I had a few hours before my meeting. The city was darkened by rain clouds, so I was pushed into a Starbucks (what, a Starbucks on a street corner in New York? ...or any surprising....dang, they are everywhere). I plugged in my computer and accessed the internet and was able to get a couple of hours of work done, access email, send marketing documents to the printer and communicate with my co-workers all around the country. All while staying out of the rain and enjoying a latte.

But the best part was I got to watch the people go by on Madison Avenue. There is something about the energy level of folks in New York. It didn't seem to matter about the rain or what the time of day, there were people on the street. I just wish it had been dry so I could have walked around a little more.

I once heard that everyone should live in New York once in their life. I have not had that pleasure, and doubt that I will. However, I will encourage my kids to spend some time in the Big Apple. What is it they say? If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere!!!

I look forward to my next visit.

Have A Great Weekend

Thom Singer

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