Monday, October 03, 2005

This Is Only A Test

For those of us who are old enough to remember the "tests of the Emergency Broadcast System" regularly breaking into television and radio programs (I think they still happen, just not as often), we are grateful that we never had an actual emergency. These were in place during the Cold War, and mostly in case of a nuclear attack on the United States by the USSR.

While we still face national security threats (international terrorism is a real threat!), this is not a political blog. This is blog is about your career, building a network, marketing, PR and business development. In today's uncertain economic times, do you have a "Career Emergency System"?

No matter what industry you work in, there have been a variety of companies that have failed. The best of companies have had experienced mergers, down-sizing, lay-offs and backruptcies. Industries that were considered immune to economic upheavals (ie: large law firms, accounting firms, healthcare, etc....) have seen new realities in the past decade.

In order to be prepared for the possibility of an unforeseen career hiccup, you should constantly be taking on new tasks in your job and your volunteer activities that can expand your skill set. Invest the time to learn new things, and expand how you are viewed by your employer, co-workers and the business community. Test yourself. Try new things.

If you are seen as someone with multiple talents, the chance of having multiple opportunities expands. I have known many people who have been promoted to jobs beyond their current ability. Some are shocked when others rise quickly on the career ladder, but I am never surprised. Those making hiring decisions know that people with a variety of skills adapt well and are fast to learn.

Tell yourself that today is "a test of your Emergency Career System" and find a way to grow your business skills: lead a project team, read a book, write an article, join an organization, teach a class, or volunteer for a committee. It is much easier to prove your multiple skills to other now. Don't wait until you hear the words "this in not a test!"

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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Bryan Menell said...

What happened to the Emergency Broadcast System on 9/11 anyway? Or during Katrina?

Hopefully everyone's career emergency system works a little better.