Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Birthday, Dad

On this day in 1914 my father was born in Los Angeles, CA. World War I had not yet occurred. It was only eleven years after the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk. The population of LA at that time was around 500,000 people.

He has lived in the most amazing time in history. It is hard to imagine the things that he has witnessed in his lifetime. Society in America has changed so much (for better and worse).

He was almost 52 when I was born, and retired when I was in eight grade. He was always around to coach my teams or attend my school events. While older, he was (and still is) in great shape for his age, so although he was 70 when I was 18 we went water skiing in Singapore and snow skiing in Lake Tahoe that same year (1985). This year, at 90, he purchased a new car. He drives, bowls, golfs, goes dancing with his many girlfriends (he is a widower), swims, and loves to play cards.

I just hope that "it" (whatever it is that makes him so amazing at age 91) is genetic and that I inherited it!!!

Dad, Have A Great Day. You are a wonderful father!!!!

Thom Singer

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