Saturday, September 03, 2005

Weekend Blog 11 - Gulf Coast Relief

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Gulf Coast Relief

I do not know where to start on this post, as the images that have been shown on our television screens of New Orleans and the other areas are heart breaking. From the families that have lost their homes, to those who were stranded in the Superdome, to the people who are displaced to other parts of the country... it just makes one want to cry.

The news has been dominated by reports of the horrible response to the New Orleans tragedy by the local, state and federal government officials. This was unacceptable and unfortunate at all levels. However, it is a bigger tragedy that people are trying to make this a political issue rather than a humanitarian issue.....all the name calling, finger pointing and political grandstanding is not helping the people who are currently in need. Now is not the time for dividing this nation, it is a time for uniting the American people. (Gosh, aren't we divided enough on regular days....we will have forever to assign blame!!!).

It is events like these that should allow people to put their differences aside and stand together. In addition to all the "bad" that exists within this horrible crisis, there are also many examples of people reaching out to assist their fellow man. This is where I choose to focus.

My family and I have donated food, clothing and money to the relief efforts. Friends of mine have gone to New Orleans and the surrounding areas to volunteer. On the television I have seen so many people do heroic things to make a bad situation a little better. This is what America is really about.....people chipping in and helping out when the worst times are upon us.

This message (public service and charity to others in times of great need) is what I want my young daughters to learn from this disaster.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone from this region of the country. May God bless all of the victims, volunteers, policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses and government officials.

Have A Great Weekend.

Thom Singer


Jane King said...

I really enjoy your Blog.

Anonymous said...

Please....we know where the blame is...With George Bush. When Clinton was president the world was so much better. Bush could have stopped this disaster by staying in the Kyoto Treaty. Less global warming by now would have prevented huricannes.

We all know it is true that his oil buddies are cooking the planet and causing huricannes. Weather was never like it is now. This is because of Bush and his daddy and there policies.

I say we elect Hilary Clinton in 2008 and return us to better times.

Thom Singer said...

Follow up_

I had the pleasure to talk with three friends of mine who went to the rural areas around New Orleans for the past five days. They went as part of a church group and brought 6 tons of food and other supplies. They went to shelters and housing projects and gave out peanut butter, bread, tuna, water, diapers, etc...

What they saw was hungry people who are in out lying areas. People who lost everything who are still waiting for help. They gave out food, hugs and prayers.

They said that people are beaten up, but not broken. That there is spirit and faith alive and well.

These three guys are all successful professionals who work in prestigious jobs. I am so touched by their actions to go from their homes in Texas to help people in need.

We all need to find small ways to help. We have to be careful that Americans do not get "storm overload", and must be committed to the long haul. This area will take years to fully recover, and we cannot forget.

But it is amazing to see what help three regular guys can do to help their world. We should all have the big hearts and can do attitude that these guys have.

Have a great day.