Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It Comes Back To People

On his Customer Service Experience Blog, Glenn Ross discusses ways to create exemplary client relations (His blog recently moved and was retitled from Searching For Great Customer Service and CRM). A recent post, The Right Stuff, deals with how a variety of business strategies need to come together to achieve your corporate goals. Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish with your company, one of your strategies must be good customer service.

Ross professes that it is all about those you hire. In every aspect of business, it comes back to people. No matter how much you may want to hide behind technology, processes and image..... if you and the other individuals inside your organization are not "likeable", you will never reach your full potential.

A business development consultant was working with a law firm. When she asked the managing partner to define his firm's greatest asset, his response was "the large number of Harvard graduates that work at the firm". He pontificated about why this was very impressive to the clientele (yes, this partner was a Harvard alum). When the consultant interviewed the clients, she learned that most either did not know or did not care about the strong concentration of Harvard educated attorneys. They did care about the attorney's responsiveness, quality of work, and how they were treated by those they encountered inside the firm. (aka: customer service)

This firm's business development strategy was focused on image. They benefited by changing their efforts toward the people aspects of their practice (clients and those who worked inside the firm).

How about your company? Where is your focus? I suggest you look closely at your team and how they treat each other and your clients. If customer service (internal and external) is not part of your daily focus, then it should be.

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Thom Singer

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