Thursday, September 22, 2005

100 Blogs in 100 Days

Over at The Blog Herald they have a GREAT series of posts called "100 Blogs in 100 Days". It is a wonderful read for anyone who has an interest in the wide variety of blogs that exist in the blogosphere. Each day the editor, Duncan, wows his readers with another eclectic discovery of a unique blog.

Yesterday's selection (Blog #30) is "The Ripple Effect Blog", which is hosted by my friend Steve Harper. Steve is the author of a great book, The Ripple Effect, and a successful entrepreneur, speaker and consultant.

Congratulations to Steve and The Ripple Effect Blog for being selected for this great honor. And Kudos to Duncan selecting an Austin, Texas blog!!!

Have A Great Night.

Thom Singer

1 comment:

Steve Harper said...

Thanks dude for posting this. Your many fans have emailed me to congratulate me which I most appreciate!

I was wondering though, why you didn't post what you told me via email. I sort of like the distinction of being the "coolest person you know." I am not sure I have ever had such an honor. Of course, I know you only know what three people so my odds of achieving this title was fairly good but none-the-less.... Just kidding.

Thanks for doing what you do and being the kind of square guy (square as in good) guy that you are.