Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The ABC's of Legal Marketing - S is for Simple

To effectively grow your practice it is not necessary to be over the top with your marketing and advertising. Too often attorneys believe that they must do amazing campaigns that include a large investment of time and money to be successful at branding, and thus to do little or nothing to promote themselves.  

It is naive to assume that doing good work is enough to attract future clients.  Most of your competition does good work, as that is the ticket to entry in the business community.  If you want to attract opportunities you have to be known, but this is easier than you might think.

Never underestimate the power being interested in others.  Being engaged in your community and choosing to pay attention to the people around you will make them feel important. When they feel important (and respected) they will appreciate you.   It might sound easy, but it is rare that anyone is made to feel significant these days.

The difficult part is that when we get busy, many times we want to shut out the rest of the world to get stuff done.  This creates a disconnect, and can undermine your efforts.  To market your business you must choose people all the time.  

Make a commitment to being more present with those around you and you will discover better results.  It is simple, but cannot be done without effort.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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