Sunday, March 16, 2014

What Do You Know About Me?

A friend who interviews prospective job applicants has an interesting first question when he meets a candidate:  

"What do you know about me?"  

Some in his company find this to be an "unfair" inquiry, but in today's Social Media Crazy World there is no reason someone should not be easily able to provide a good response.

Each person who is brought in for interviews at my friend's company receives a list of the executives they will meet a week in advance, but most have no clue how to answer this question.  His bio is on the firm's website and he has a robust LinkedIn profile, yet few candidates have ever looked him up before their face-to-face meeting. 

When going to a meeting of any kind, be prepared.  This is not just good advice for job seekers, but also for sales people (and others).  Before you meet with someone new, are you looking them up?  Why or why not?

In advance of any meeting it is useful to read the other person's LinkedIn profile.  While many people do not have meaningful information on their profiles (and some do not even have a LinkedIn profile), there are times when the discovery of a mutual connection or knowing career information (where they went to college, business affiliations, etc...) will fast-forward your conversation and relationship.

Take a look at my LinkedIn profile.... what did you learn about me?  Why would that matter if we were going to have a meeting?

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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