Monday, March 03, 2014

Thank You For Your Support!!!

The Singer Family would like to say "Thank You" to everyone who supported our 7th Annual February Fundraiser for the "Kate Singer Endowment for Cranio-Facial Research" at the Dell Children's Medical Center.

As you may know, Kate (now age 12 and FABULOUS) was born with a medical condition that caused the bones in her skull to prematurely fuse.  She underwent major surgery at age 6-months, and today is doing great.  

Our family donates a portion of the fees I earn as a professional speaker to a research endowment we created at both our local Children's Hospital in Austin and Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego (where Kate had her surgery).  

Each February we invite our friends, family and others to donate to the cause.  Over the years the two endowments have grown to about $40,000 (and we are not going to stop!).

Our efforts at fundraising last month topped $2200. Donations from $10 and up all came together and added up to this meaningful amount.  (It is not too late to donate... CLICK HERE).

Thank you to all who supported the cause in 2014.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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