Monday, March 17, 2014

Fitness Bootcamp for Lent

Those who have read my blog for a long time know that I get serious about a commitment for Lent each year.  I try to give up something difficult and this requires that I find unusual discipline to succeed. 

In 2011 I went Vegan.  This remains my hardest Lent adventure (until this year).  I even wrote a separate blog about the experience, 40 Days Vegan, which continued with a part-time "Vegan Leaning" lifestyle for several months after Lent ended.

2012 came with my giving up all alcohol.   This was only hard as SXSW, my wedding anniversary, and St. Partick's day all fell during Lent, but I survived with ease.

Processed sugar was my target in 2013.  This one was hard because they sneak it into everything (Catsup, etc..).... so while I was not always as successful as I hoped, I did manage a fairly successful Lent sacrifice.

This year I decided to go a different direction.  Instead of giving up something, I added something difficult that will require sacrifice, dedication and an unparalleled commitment.  I joined an early morning fitness bootcamp program.  The 7:00 AM class takes place near downtown three days a week, and if I am not traveling, I am present with the trainer, who is working me harder than anything I have ever experienced.

Two weeks into Lent (I admit it - I started a few days late because of SXSW) I am doubting the logic behind this choice, but there are moments when I am enjoying this festival of pain.  I am sore, exhausted, and feeling the burn in muscles that have never been worked ever.... but I will be back out there next time.

Ryan Nail is the owner of Corefit Training in Austin.  He has been holding these morning workouts for seven years, and he has a great combination of compassion and Drill Sargent. He works each person in the class based on their level of fitness and experience, but he requires each person to give 100% for the hour they are in his charge.

While I have never been much of an athlete, I feel improvement in just a few sessions.  

Along with my commitment to the workouts is also the dedication to making better food choices.  I have been using the My Fitness Pal app on my iPhone since January and tracking all my food and drink choices.  It has become like a game to not go over the calorie recommendations, while still eating healthy.  Turns out the sweets and other crap we snack on are all wasted calories.  The combination of  selecting the right foods and exercising (which started before the bootcamp) is already showing in my belt.  

I look forward to completing my 2 months in the fitness bootcamp for Lent.  Heck, I might even stay involved longer.  

If you live in Austin, TX.... and want to know more about Corefit... check out Ryan's website

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