Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Send A Sympathy Card - Handwritten Notes Have A Lasting Impact

Following the recent passing of my father I received many sympathy cards in the mail.  If you have been reading my blog recently (or other social media) you know that I have been focused on the topic of sending personal notes.  In our "social media crazy world" all personal communications have a way of standing out. 

I have been especially high on "Thank You Notes".... but was reminded of the power of a sympathy card.
If you know someone is is going through a rough time, your short handwritten words have amazing power to touch their heart and soul.  All of the cards that we received were special.  Some people did not know my dad, but shared their caring for our family.  Others included a personal story of their memories of his life.

(To be clear... I am not dissing the digital communications, as we also got many emails and other social media messages of condolence.  They also are special, important, and appreciated.  But there is something about a tangible card in the mailbox that make one stop and feel.  There is a lasting impact in a handwritten note).

I have declared 2014 as the "Year of the Handwritten Note" (help spread the word, as right now only about three people know about this important proclamation!!!).  Show people you care by writing to them, placing a stamp on the envelope, and giving it to the postman!  The art of the handwritten note is lost in our society, but when you send a card, people notice.

Have A Great Day

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