Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ten Thoughts For Solo-Entrepreneurs

Ponder each of these:

1.  Your business is YOU.

2.  Do not assume you understand the success of others without getting to know them.  Outside judgments are incomplete.

3. Mis-steps and mistakes do not derail you.  You have to try things, and not all of it will work out the way you desired.

4. You are not one thing, or easily defined. 

5. Provide value that exceeds your fee.

6. Clients deserve great work.

7. Creating an experience is what sets you you apart.  Be unique.

8. Being a good is not enough - you need to market and cultivate a brand.

9.  Daily activities move the ball.  Do something every day.

10. You are still very early in the journey - enjoy the ride.

Have a great day

thom singer


Anonymous said...

I have been known to say, "It's just hair." No reason to sweat over a bad haircut or worry about if it is done well till the next cut. It will grow back. But I've also said it with abandon in the establishment I'm getting it cut.

I'll be careful about that. It's not "just hair." It's also someone's passion.

MrsOgba said...

Thanks for #2, social media will have you thinking "I watched their journey, why are they more "successful" than me?" ... but that's the furthest from the truth. Putting hard work into perspective is ... relative, to say the least.