Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's Not About Me. Shocking.

It is a choice to focus on the good side or the bad side of many issues.  

Some people subconsciously seek to find a point of view that shows they have been short changed, wronged, or otherwise cheated by everything that happens.  Yes, there are legitimately bad things that come along, but most situations are not life impacting deal-breakers, and often we get to choose how we react.

It dawned on me long ago that others were not out to get me.  The truth is that even the people closest too me are not making their decisions on how to act (or what to say) based on me or my feelings.  They do what they do based on themselves.  We are not clairvoyant, and thus we cannot assume what is really motivating other people.  It would be self-focused to believe all they do is based on me.

In conflicts that arise people are convinced that others were intentional in hurting them, when that is not necessarily the case.  In response, they get mad, seek ways to get even, and undermine relationships.  It's a shame.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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