Wednesday, September 25, 2013

100 Days Remain In 2013 -- Make Them Count

One hundred days.  This can seem like a long time or a blip on the calendar depending on how we view the block of time. Public corporations are judged by Wall Street on their quarterly performances (which are just shy of 100 days). We make assessments of US Presidents based on their first hundred days in office, and forever look to their activities in this time as a barometer of their term in office.  

Since January 1, 2013 Steve Harper (the Ripple Effect guy) has been tweeting a daily countdown reminding his army of followers that they can make a difference in the lives of others by taking a single action a day.  Today he pointed out that there are 100 chances left in this year: 

We all have 100 days remaining on the calendar in which we can take any variety of actions that can improve the world.  We can help others, impact our careers, improve a relationship with a loved one, etc....  There is plenty of time to create something important.

I challenge everyone who reads this to embrace the next 100 days and create a plan to accomplish the amazing. I have written about my Q4 strategic planning, and the actions I now need to take to make it real.  Anyone can make a difference if they act with intention. Do not leave the rest of the year to chance.

If you were the leader of a public company, your executive team would be expected you to show detailed success to your investors at the end of the quarter.  Had you just been sworn into office as a newly elected president your staff would be focused on the legislation you would introduce, as the press would be reporting your progress.  But as an individual person (most likely not the head of a multi-national corporation or the leader of the free world) you still should hold yourself accountable and strive for results.

Create a plan and take action.  Make the next 100 days count.

Have A Great Day

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