Thursday, June 20, 2013

Get To Know "The Small Business Talent Podcast"

Through a series of connections I recently crossed paths with Stephen Lahey, who has a site and podcast called "SmallBusinessTalent.Com".  

Steve instantly struck me as a "giver" (I have written before about givers and takers: 2006, 2009, 20092011, 2012, etc....) as he was quick to want to learn about me and my business without asking for anything in return.  I began regularly chatting with him on Twitter, and he has really good information for consultants, coaches, and other small business professionals.

He interviewed me for his podcast, and I want to encourage you to listen.... not just to my installment, but to many of his chats with smart people in the world of business.  He has amazing conversations with all sorts of people who can help you foster ideas and concepts that will grow your business.

He has interviewed lots of cool folks (some who I even know personally!), including:  Daniel Pink, David Newman, Gerry O'Brion, and many more!

I have embedded the interview here so you can listen.. or just jump over to his site to get all the information he has to offer.

I signed up to get his email each time he posts a new interview.   I hope you will, too!.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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Stephen Lahey said...

Thanks again for the networking wisdom you shared on my podcast, Thom! Judging by the comments on your interview, it looks like you've gained some new fans. That's as it should be! :)