Friday, November 18, 2011

Sting Concert in Houston

Last night my wife and I went to watch Sting perform at the Verizon Wireless Theatre in Houston.

The first time I saw Sting was in 1991 at the Concord Pavilion in the Bay Area (we have been to two other Sting concerts in-between).

Many things have changed over 20 years:
  • Concert venues are now named after corporate sponsors, not the city where they are located.
  • In 1991 Sting was 40 years old and his audience was young (umm, myself included).
  • Today he is 60 years old, and so was most of the audience. (Although we should all hope to be in that good of shape at sixty).
Some things remained the same over 20 years:
  • Sting puts on one hell of a great show.
  • His music is timeless.
  • My wife still looks amazingly hot dancing at a concert.
It was a quick overnight trip to Houston, but we had a great time at dinner and the concert.  The concert was her birthday present (The B-day is in September) from our kids.  They sent us to dinner and the concert while they stayed with the visiting grand-parents.  Oh, and when I say it was a gift from the kids, they still made me pay for the tickets!   (I also had a meeting with a potential client while in Houston).

Have A Great Day

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Leslie M said...

Glad it was a good time! Sara is very deserving.