Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brainstorming Is Important To Entrepreneurial Success

Ideas are paramount to success for an entrepreneur.  However, not all ideas are the right ideas for starting a business or tackling challenging problems.

Some businesses are spawned from a single idea. However, most who achieve sustainable success will need to consistently be identifying new concepts, products, services, and ways to overcome obstacles.  A one hit wonder in the world of business ideas is no different than a rock and roll band who has just a single song on the charts.  Entrepreneurs must always be on the look out for the "new thing" either to grow their existing company or to launch their next venture.

Brainstorming can take many different forms.  The concept was popularized in the 1950's and 1960's by Alex Osborn, in his book, "Applied Imagination".  It is a process for developing creative solutions to problems and Osborn proposed that teams could double their creative output through brainstorming techniques.

When a team of people are working together and committed to discovering powerful solutions, the end result is often stronger than any one person could have achieved alone.  Effective entrepreneurs do not operating in a vacuum.   They are surrounded by people who allow them to expand beyond their own limitations and weave the best thoughts together and create powerful solutions.

Brainstorming involves a group of people focusing on a problem, and then coming up with as many solutions as possible.  There are no bad ideas and the purpose is to push the creative thought to beyond the standards.  Each person can expand on the ideas of the next and combine concepts while creating new possibilities.

The process can be both formal and informal and it is important in the formation stage of a business as well as when tackling issues that can stall a company's progress and growth.  To continually have success and entrepreneur must always be seeking ideas and formulating plans.  Getting your whole team involved will have the added impact of creating a culture where everyone is looking to add to the greater good for the company.

Once ideas are uncovered there must be a process for deciding which should be acted upon. There is neither the time nor resources available to act upon every idea that comes along for a business, and not all ideas will help move the company toward its ultimate goals.  The entrepreneur's experience, instincts and trusted advisers all play a role in deciding how to implement actions. In finding success the entrepreneur must be willing to take the risks and go for blazing the new trails, as sometimes they will chase the wrong ideas and make mistakes.  

Discovering the ideas, while important, is only part of the journey for anyone who is looking to grow a business.  But without the ideas, their is no starting place from which to build.

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WBS said...

Someone once explained to me that good entrepreneurs act as an "idea filter" - always taking in information and ideas, brainstorming, thinking them though, discussing with others, then making a decision to execute or dismiss.