Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Would You Trade Me?

I was a teenager when my mother fought cancer.  As she lay dying I was understandably upset.  She squeezed my hand and pulled me close.  She whispered in my ear. "Would you trade me?".  I did not understand the question, so she asked, "Would you trade me for a mother who would live longer?".

WHAT?  Oh God....NO!  

I became more emotional.  She smiled at me and added, "If you would not trade me, then you have to learn to deal with this, and find strength in the experience.  I want you focus on the best parts of our life, and not this one part".

She did not want to die.  She fought the disease for three years.  But in the end, she worked hard to find the words to teach me an important lesson.  I have thought about this many times over the past 27 years.

No matter what you are facing, ask yourself "Why am I here".  When you know your purpose it helps you get through the hard times.  I know now, as a parent, that her purpose was clear in that conversation.

If you cannot change a bad situation, do not let it define you.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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