Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Internal Meetings Need Better Networking, Too

Many companies do not think about the power of business relationships INSIDE the company.  Yes, we all know that having strong relationships with clients, referral sources, vendors and others in your industry can lead to more business.... but some businesses forget to encourage networking between employees.

Smart companies know that forging deeper bonds between co-workers not only expands productivity, but it also keeps people from seeking other jobs outside their organizations.  Helping people get to know each other is an important step to having a good culture.

I have recently been speaking on the power of business relationships and conducting the "Conference Catalyst" program for internal meetings.  Most of these organizations have seen me speak at large industry events (like Computerworld or other mega conferences), and want the message of the "Choosing People" to be customized for their internal annual team meetings.  I have loved the enthusiasm about cultivating long-term and mutually beneficial relationships and how my presentation excites the attendees.

Organizations that are investing as much in their internal meetings as they do in their users conferences are seeing results.  I recently spoke to the Global IT department of a major technology manufacturer.... and it was clear the the CIO wanted the people on the various teams from around the world make stronger connections.  The whole focus of the meeting was pin-pointed on the participants, and it was clear that the people embraced the message.

Employees in all industries have worked hard the last few years and made sacrifices.  When they feel the company making investments in them, they are very appreciative.

Does your conference have a catalyst?  Does your employee "All-Hands" meeting have a catalyst?

PS- Here is what was sent to me by the tech company where I recently spoke:

"[The conference] was wildly successful beyond any of our expectations. The energy, dialogue and engagement remained very high throughout. And I continued to hear positive things about your contribution. In the closing session, one employee said that he had never seen employees have the kind of conversations they were having this week. Normally on breaks, people talk about work, projects and operations. But employees were asking about kids, asking where people vacation, getting to know each other as people. It was a very moving comment. I had many employees come up to me and say they'd never been to an event like this. Glad we could have you be a part of it."

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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RaynMakers said...

Thom, This situation is an opportunity that could be harnessed in the past with the creation of an intranet.

Now , a free, easy to use and administer social media strategy that traverses national boundaries and departments could be the saving grace for so many companies to share their knowlege, leverage their expertise and stimulate INnovation ( capitals used for mild dramatic impact) :-) Your fan Ray Knight CEO The RaynMakers