Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mean Spirited People Should Stay Off Reality TV - The Amazing Race Finally 2010

The finally of this season's Amazing Race showed an exchange between two contestants that made one look really bad, bitter, and mean. I could not believe it, but on another hand I am not sure why I was surprised. This is just how people behave in our society these days (especially on TV).

Interestingly... the contestant that the mean woman attacked had been a national laughing stock long before she showed up on the show (think beauty pageant contestant who said dumb stuff in her on stage interview), and then suddenly while standing there being talked down to by the bitter woman, she was longer the idiot. She passed that baton to the woman attacking her. Caite stood in the bronze position while being attacked by someone who did not make the finals. She was suddenly the one with class and grace.

Two women who were eliminated a few weeks back stood at the finish line and were hateful to the third place finisher who had "U-Turned" them earlier in the race. The faces of the rest of the contestants showed surprise and disdain for the mean words being tossed at the beauty queen.

Ummmm, if you sign up for a reality TV show contest, you should go in realizing that you might lose. Only one team can win. If the game has "twists and turns" you might get eliminated. Bummer,.... but come on, it is a TV Game Show. I was once on the $25,000 Pyramid and was thrilled to be there -- even when the star I was playing with said a key word and cost me $10,000.

These particular contestants were mean spirited toward the young model from the start, and when given the chance --- Caite "U-Turned" them (which caused them to get booted from the race). That's the way the game is played.

To stand at the finish line of a game and be a bitch to the person who beat you shows your true colors. I could not believe it. Did they forget they were on a reality show and that there were cameras filming them? Yikes.

I hate to see people be so bitter. It makes me sad. Granted, the producers of the show love those who are not always good people at heart, as it makes for better TV (aka ratings). I am sure bitter woman will now become even more famous and will make the rounds of all kinds of talk shows and cash in on her shriveled soul... as that is how fame seems to work for some people.

I am a big believer in the power of attitude. I believe that your attitude needs to be consistent, and that if bitter woman had been nicer, she might not have gotten the U-Turn, and thus could have won the race.

Alas, we may never know, but when in doubt, my advice is have a good attitude and treat people well and you will find more success in life! And if you do not come in first, be gracious to those who beat you (as long as they did so by following the rules and playing fair...which is what had happened in the case of the Amazing Race). Sore losers are among the lowest of the lows.

On a different note, congrats to the winners. They earned it, and seeing the enthusiasm and pure joy as they crossed the finish line was nice.

If you have never watched the Amazing Race, it is the best of all the reality shows. It has won the Emmy for best reality show for several years (I think every year that there has been an Emmy for Reality TV). I think I want to be a contestant!

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You were on the $25,000 Pyramid?