Monday, May 10, 2010

The Lobster Story

I was reminded of a blog post I wrote in 2005 about "the Lobster Story". I am not sure where I heard this the first time, but I observe the point of the tale on a regular basis. There are too many people willing to knock you of your trek to success, and not enough people willing to give of themselves to help you achieve.

Are you a lobster?

You can store lobsters in a box with very low sides. Any time that one lobster tries to climb out of the box, another will grab it with a claw and pull it back into the box!

This is true of humans too. When one person tries to change his or her situation in life and attempt a big goal, others around them will find ways to pull them down. They say things like; "You don't have the right education for that career"......"You should get a real job"...."Don't you know that most business fail".... "You are not good enough".... "What about all the competition?', etc....

If you have a dream, goal, ambition or desire there is always someone willing to try to undermine your path toward success. Be ready for it.

The good news is there are also people who will work hard to help you succeed. They are not as visible as the lobsters, but they exist. I have had countless people lend me a hand on my own journey. When you find these people do everything you can to cherish them and thank them for their efforts in getting you out of that box.

Then make an effort to look around and find others whom you can support, encourage and inspire who are on their own journey!

And never let the lobsters get you down!

Have A Great Day.


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