Friday, May 21, 2010

Celebrating Austin Entrepreneurs - Elan Hair Salon

My friends recently purchased a hair salon and are in the process of relaunching the company and expanding the brand in Austin. If you are not familiar Elan Hair Salon in Jefferson Square (Corner of 38th and Jefferson), you need to check it out.

I love watching entrepreneurs in action, but it is not everyday I get to also be a customer! For the past few months I have been having Colleen cut my hair, and I have to admit... they have been the best haircuts I ever remember (including my 1980's frat-boy "flat top"... oh yes, it is true).

The salon is upscale, inviting, and they make you feel very welcome. My wife also gets her haircut at Elan, and she looks great! (of course, she always looks great). They take the time to understand your style, and deliver the goods every time!

Colleen took extra classes in New York City to be certified to deliver the Brazilian Keratin Treatment (also known as "The Brazillian Blowout" or "Keratin Hair Straightening"), about which my wife raves.

The great thing about Austin is that entrepreneurs exist in all industries. Businesses in the technology community, healthcare, financial services, the creative class, real estate, media, marketing, consulting, law, etc... are all thriving in Austin. I love seeing companies take on new and exciting directions. My friends at Elan are doing just that!

Call them today for your next haircut! (512) 371-3526

Have A Great Day.


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