Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PODCAST - "Re-Inventing Yourself in Business and Beyond" - Interview with Cathy Wohlberg-Craig

My latest edition of the "Some Assembly Required Podcast" on the Blog Talk Radio Network is an inteview with Cathy Wohlberg-Craig of

Cathy has seen the highs and lows in both her professional and personal life. After college she took over the family business and burned herself out as the CEO of a multi-million dollar company.

She had money, prestige, and everything she thought she wanted until she looked in the mirror and realized her ladder was against the wrong wall. "I was FAT (over 200 lbs fat)/ conflicted / lonely / married to the wrong man and trapped in my career until one 24 hour period changed my life and I never looked back." say Wohlberg-Craig.

Cathy is now happily creating her own path. Please listen to our interview as we talk about how others can re-start their life in business and beyond.

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Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer said...

Thanks again Thom. I really enjoyed doing the interview for you!!