Friday, February 13, 2009

Economic Stimulus Package Needs To Focus On Entrepreneurial Spirit

In regards to the current economic situation package - I want to know why we are not hearing bup-squat about the entrepreneurial spirit which is the fire in the belly of the United States economy. This inner drive to create and grow new and better products and services has existed in our culture since the founding days of the 13 original colonies. Our Founding Fathers were entrepreneurs who created a "start-up country". Hello, this is at the very core of our culture.

It has NEVER been government programs that made America thrive, it was this "entrepreneurial spirit" that kick started our nation (and the world) and has kept us innovating ever since.

But nobody, I mean NOBODY, in the government or in the media is talking about power of the entrepreneur's creativity when it is unleashed. It is that "vision thing" that has always produced the greatness in our society (although some politicians think "that vision thing is over-rated". Yeah? If that is what you believe you are a OLD TURKEY and we need new leadership. Get out of the way!).

The stimulus package is full of pork. Yeah, yeah, I heard all the words about "no earmarks...blah, blah, blah". It was a Jedi Mind-trick. While no traditional earmarks, there is lots of random stuff included. Read parts of this package and you say "WHAT THE ....?"

Plus, it just does not encapsulate what we need, and that is a focus on real honest to God entrepreneurs. These are the people who create jobs. Government projects are nice, but are they sustainable if the money is pouring into dying industries and companies?

Instead of all the verbal vomit from the doom and gloom crowd, how about some oratory about the nature of the history of a people who are known to rise to any challenge and bootstrap our way to success? This is the America I believe in. One in which young men left their farms in places all over the world and risked it all to get to the shores of the New World.

My grandfather came to America as a teenager after his parents died in Ireland. His siblings ranged from ages 14 to four. They sold the farm and took a boat. There was nobody waiting for them at Ellis Island. He had no money, but he had a confidence that they were better off starting fresh in a new land. Talk tough economic times, there was not much for him in 1900. No stimulus packages.

All my grandfather had (and countless others just like him) was a belief in himself and the American Dream. I believe he had a hard life. He had to bootstrap a life. But his ten children and 26 grandchildren have had an easier life than he did because of his sacrifices. Where is that message today? Why is nobody talking about that inner spark that is deep in each of us to discover our own way?

I am not trying to make light of the economic crisis or ignore the good efforts that our elected officials are trying - but they are missing out on the key to success. The part they are missing is in the heart and soul of the individual who is seeking their own path to greatness.

For Congress to pass a $789 billion package and then act like they are great for being able to spend money that they do not have is ludicrous. We are not children and the government is not our mommy. To pull out of this mess we need the citizens to feel empowered. That is NOT the message we are getting from our elected officials.

Only a few hundred people read my blog on any given day, so not nearly enough of you will hear this message from me. ... But I will day it anyway:

Our future is in the hands of the entrepreneurial minded who will work all night to translate their dreams into reality. The stimulus package needs to include those in our midst who can build new businesses, products, services and empires. Look around you and encourage those who dream big, as they are the only way we can get this economy back on track.

Have A Great Day.



Terry Mock said...

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Anonymous said...

there doesn't appear to be anything sustainable in this "stimulus" package... what happens when the sod is replaced on the mall?? then those people will be out of a job again... then what?? another trillion in a couple years??

Tweed Scott said...


I injected that very same concept in my speech last week to a couple of hundred chamber executives. This mess will ultimately be cleaned up from the bottom up NOT the top down. It was the idiots "at the top" that got us here. It will be the entrepreneurs that will blaze a path out of the economic wilderness. Congress gives pork a bad name.

Andrew Weaver said...

Excellent post, Thom. It is sad to me that so few are even thinking about this.

I was reminded of a proverb while reading this, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." We've got to have that vision. We've got to have the "entrepreneurial spirit" you are talking about, or we may well find ourselves in a much, much bigger hole.