Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tell Others "Great Job!"

When you appreciate someone .... tell them.

Last night I had the honor and privilege of serving as the Master of Ceremonies for the 8th Annual Austin Business Awards. Twenty-four companies and not-for-profit organizations were honored in six categories for their unique contributions to making Austin one of the most amazing places to live and work.

I had a lot of fun. I tried to motivate the entertain the crowd, and we ended the program, not only on time, but ten minutes early. (Think about that, a major Chamber of Commerce event with 24 awards...and we were ahead of schedule!!!)

One audience member, whom I had never met, came up to me after the event and told me I did a great job. He had walked across the room with the soul purpose of telling me he enjoyed the evening! He had a genuine smile, and his words made my day.

Speaking is part of what I do for my career, but having people seek you out and tell you they appreciate your efforts, even when it is routine.... embraces your soul.

I was reminded by this man's gesture that I too should seek out those who impact my world and tell them they are doing a great job... even if it is just part of their daily grind. We are all touched by those who make our lives easier, or just make us smile.

From the bartista at Starbucks, to your co-workers, to your family --- we all should reach out our hand and say "Great Job!" The people on the other end of your complement will be transformed by your words.

Try this today. Praise others and pay the joy of life forward.

Have A Great Day.

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