Thursday, August 07, 2008

Great Customer Service From My Local UPS Store

I am sad with UPS, but LOVE Kevin at my local UPS Store on Far West Boulevard in Austin, Texas.

The below is my FRIDAY RANT. But it is my blog, I can rant if I want to.

When you read this story, you most likely will say "Oh well....get over it. That is their policy. You screwed up. Shoot, it is only $13.00. Corporate policy is corporate policy, if they make exceptions for you (and all other idiots like you) it will hurt their bottom line. UPS can't be responsible for dumb things their customers do, etc....". And yet, even with my being at fault, there is still an important lesson for us all:

Last week I was scheduled to be on a radio show and needed to send a copy of my book to the host. The interview was scheduled with short notice, and I needed to send the book fast. I dropped into the UPS store and shipped off my envelope via UPS.

The next day I had a delightful discussion with Kate Delaney on her "America Tonight" program. She never mentioned that she had not received the book, and I never assumed otherwise.

Last night I got a message that the package was returned because there was no suite number listed in the address (in my rush to mail the book, I had mistakenly omitted the suite number from the shipping label). I returned the call to give them the full address, only to find out that to re-ship the package would cost me another thirteen dollars.

WHAT? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I once had a package come back to me by the US Postal Service and they reshipped it at no fee (apparently that is not the USPS policy, but that is what happened). I got a little snippy with Kevin at the UPS Store, as the need for the book getting to Ms. Delaney was no longer existent, but since I had already paid $13 and autographed the book, I thought she still might enjoy getting the book..... yet the expense to resend was silly. Plus, to drive over to the store to pick it up is just a big hassle. I told him to just toss the package, as there was no way I could get there to pick it up for several days, and I would not pay again.

Admittedly I was a little snippy over the phone, as I was upset (even if part of my anger was at myself for not correctly addressing the envelope).

Kevin called me back a few minutes later to explain that this was a UPS policy (which I understand). He also explained that this is the policy of all shipping companies. I could not understand why they needed my phone number on a package if they were not going to call me if they had difficulty making delivery.

Kevin was gracious and friendly.

He possessed excellent customer service skills and said he would send the package out again anyway (I am sure incurring the cost on his own store charge).


The customer screws up, and the parent company has a strict policy, and yet the local business person goes out of his way to make it all right.

Kevin not only just earned all my shipping business (I will drive past other shipping stores to go to the Far West UPS Store location from now on).... But I will tell this story always. Not only on my blog, but any chance I can when I speak at local events. Receiving proper customer service and finding a business professional that goes out of their way to make a customer happy (even when the customer made the mistake) is wonderful to experience.

Why is it wonderful to experience? Because it happens so rarely in our world these days.

If you live in Austin and you have a package to out his retail store as they "Get It".

Have A Great Day.



toniadavenport said...

I love stories like this. Thanks so much for sharing.

Michael Cortes said...

I shared this story with my wife, Valerie.

Valerie asked, would it be appropriate for a restaurant to start cooking your steak; Then being unsure of how rare you wanted it.. to cook it fully well done, pass it on to another customer, and go back and ask you "how rare" and start over with another steak?

Why, with the book in the destination city, in the local UPS depot, would they not call from there? Instead of sending it back to your city and calling to ask for a suite number and re-ship?

Any customer would wonder, "Why didn't you call me when it was 'feet' away from the suite?"