Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blogger Gets Free Pants

A while back I got contacted to review the new Nautica N-Series Straight Leg Jeans. Now this blog and it's author are miles away from being expertly knowledgeable about fashion, however.... I do wear jeans. But what is fashion? It is just what you like to wear. It is personal. Sure, it can be trendy, but it is also individual.

On a whim, I agreed to a free pair of jeans and blogging about these dungarees. Hey, I like free stuff as much as the next guy, and I needed a new pair of blue jeans. It was a perfect match.

The press release that came with the pants states that Nautica has "created a versatile new jean for the 20-something male". Hmmmmm, I will be 41 in a few weeks. Uh-oh. Will these pants fit my middle-age body? I am almost old enough to be the father to their entire target market. This is evident by the series of videos on their website that are edgy and funny, but certainly not a bunch of married suburban dads on their way to see Disney Princesses on Ice (oh yes guys.... You may be young, hip, fit and cool today, but in 20 years you will be living a very different life!!!)

All that being said, these are great jeans. I wear them all the time. They are a little big on me (I did not get to try them on, they just came in the mail) but they are the most comfortable pair of pants in my wardrobe. The ironic thing is that since they arrived I have had two people tell me "those are very nice jeans". They are cool with a t-shirt, or more dressed up.

Thanks to Nautica Jeans Co. and their PR firm for the my jeans. I am not sure why they picked me to be one of the bloggers who got to review the jeans, but I love my free pants. I am going to send the contact from the PR firm a free copy of my new book, and I hope he will like the book as much as I like the jeans!

Have A Great Day.


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