Sunday, March 01, 2015

Cool Things My Friends Do (Week #124) - Your Nerdy Best Friend (Beth Ziesenis) KickStarter Campaign

Each week on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their personal and professional lives.

I have a friend who is a speaker and a nerd.  Beth Ziesenis is known as "Your Nerdy Best Friend" and she speaks at association and corporate events teaching people all about the latest nerdy technology apps they can use to make life better.

Beth currently has a KickStarter campaign to raise the money to launch her new book, "Nerd Know How: The 27 Best Apps for Work and How to Use Them".  

Evernote. LastPass. Prezi. Elance.

Maybe you've heard of these tech tools -- but do you know how to use them?

In her newest book Author Beth Ziesenis gives you the what, why and how for dozens of the most critical technology that will help you at work and home. With plenty of screenshots and tons of tips, Nerd Know-How will get you started using the cutting-edge apps that increase productivity, organization, collaboration and awesomeness.

Each of the 27 apps includes screenshots, tips, at-a-glance facts and alternatives. Plus you'll find bonus lists of extra apps that will turn you in to the nerdiest person in the office.

Beth is seeking 200 supporters (she already has raised the necessary money in a very successful campaign... how cool is that?).  For as little as $1 you can support her cause (she is at 109 supporters at the time of this blog post), but at the $15 level you will get a copy of the book, and have YOUR NAME listed in the book!!!  Come on, show her some love!!!  I pledged $15.

Let me tell you more about Beth Ziesenis.... she is a giver and a doer.  Everyone in our extended group of "speaker friends" will tell you she takes action and helps her peers meet new clients.  She tells her clients about other speakers, and is always available to give introductions, advice and moral support. She is the "REAL DEAL" when it comes to wanting others to be successful.  She does not view life or business as a zero-sum games, but instead believes everyone can find their success path.  

She calls herself a "Nerd", but Beth is really one of the "Cool Kids".   I am excited to feature her as week #124 of "Cool Things My Friends Do". (She was also an early guest on the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" Podcast!!! Check it out).

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