Friday, February 20, 2015

We All Have Stuff

Life constantly reminds me that I alone own my own "Stuff"... and that I cannot unload it onto others. We all have stuff; that baggage we carry, and failures we have that we later dwell on in our thoughts.  As humans we contemplate things, but too often this over-thinking makes our perspective depart from reality.

It could be a self-preservation thing - that we change our memory to keep ourselves from having to face our flaws. If I did nothing wrong, then I am okay. Maybe superior to others.  This brings good feelings.  To look at the stumbles could make a person feel bad, and feeling bad is not acceptable in our world today.  

Often times when facing mistakes or short-comings we file them away, hoping to never unlock that drawer again.  Stuffing our business and personal loses in a box that we don't review seems like the easy path. 

However, in a weird way I like my flaws, as they never allow me to be complacent in my growth.  If I did not realize my mistakes, I could not strive to do better next time. Looking back at ways I have screwed up motivates me to fix whatever I have done in the past that created the negative situation.

It makes it easier to face your dark side when you have a supportive significant other and friends who believe in you and hold you up when you need them.  This means you are free to examine your weaknesses, as you will not fall into the abyss of crap.  I am grateful for my wife, daughters, and those "forever friends" who accept me unconditionally.  Their being part of my path is paramount to my success.

Several people in our lives find ways to boosts us up and allow us to keep fighting the good fight.  Often these special souls do not even know they play such and important role.  Hopefully I am that person to others, as so many are the scaffolding around the construction sight of my life's journey.

The opposite is also true, there are people who undermine you and the world around you.  They take joy in the drama that nibbles at your foundation.  Keep your eyes open for those who do this, as they also can have an impact (not in a good way).

Accept your "stuff" and learn from it.  But also, accept that others have their own "stuff", too. The right people matter, and they don't mind your baggage. 

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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